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Mold pliers (Cast-System)
Mold Pliers for Cast
Mold pliers with pins for safe handling of hot metal rings.

Item-no. 3010-00
US$ 75.50
Mold base (Cast-System)
Mold Base for Cast Metal Rings
Mold base for Cast-System

Item-no. 3020-00
US$ 43.00
Metal ring 30mm (Cast-System)
Metal Ring 30mm for Cast
Metal ring Ø108mm x 30mm for Cast-System

Item-no. 3030-00
US$ 71.50
Metal ring 60mm (Cast-System)
Metal Ring 60mm for Cast
Metal ring Ø108mm x 60mm for Cast-System

Item-no. 3040-00
US$ 81.50
Melting electrode for Cast-Ti
Melting Electrode for Cast-Ti
Replacement electrode for arc melting of titanium in Cast-Ti.

Item-no. 3010-50
US$ 63.00
Crucible cradle for Cast-Ti
Cruible Cradle for Cast-Ti
Part of tilting mechanism to pour liquid titanium into the mold.

Item-no. 3010-60
US$ 910.00
Mold bases for Cast-Ti
Round Mold Base for Cast-Ti

Oval Mold Base for Cast-Ti

Sprue Former for Acrylic Mold Form for Cast-Ti
for round metal rings
Item-no. 3020-30
US$ 35.00
for oval metal rings
Item-no. 3020-35
US$ 52.00
for acrylic mold form
Item-no. 3020-40
US$ 51.00
Metal rings for Cast-Ti
Round Metal Ring for Cast-Ti

Oval Metal Ring for Cast-Ti

Acrylic Mold Form for Cast-Ti
Metal ring, round, Ø49mm
Item-no. 3050-30
US$ 41.00
Metal ring, oval, 66mm
Item-no. 3050-35
US$ 81.00
Mold form, acrylic, 93 x 84 mm for metal frames
Item-no. 3050-40
US$ 231.00
Ceramic Liner for Cast Metal Rings
asbestos free ceramic liner for Cast metal rings

Fleece 55R, 40m roll, 55mm wide
Item-no. 4010-00
US$ 43.60
Fleece 25R, 40m roll,25mm wide
Item-no. 4020-00
US$ 33.00
Box of Waxdisks for the Cast System

Round Waxdisk - Sprue Base for Wax Wires

Waxdisk R - Sprue Base for Wax Wires

Waxdisks for the Cast system. Sprue base for standard and reduced metal rings.

Waxdisk for standard metal rings, Box with 25 pieces
Item-no. 4030-00
US$ 31.50
Waxdisk R for sectioned metal rings, Box with 25 pieces
Item-no. 4030-10
US$ 31.50
Wax sprue cones
Wax Sprue Cones For Mold Frames
Wax sprue formers for mold frames

Box with 50 pieces
Item-no. 4040-00
US$ 27.50
Mold silcone
Replisil - Two Component Silicone With High Tear Strength

Replisil Clear Replisil - Two Component Clear Silicone for Wax Injection Molds

Two component silicone for mold making with extraordinary long term stability. Excellent fluidity for high quality pattern results. Rapid curing at ambient temperature without any shrinkabe. Extremely high tensile strength. Available in grey and clear.

Replisil 1kg (A + B components)
Item-no. 4300-10
US$ 121.00
Replisil Clear 1,1kg (A + B components)
Item-no. 4300-20
US$ 65.00
Clean - Detergent for Stainless Steel, 100ml
Detergent for stainless steel. Quick and easy
cleaning of stainless steel surfaces of appliances.

100ml bottle
Item-no. 4500-00
US$ 7.70
Firing tray

Carry 77 Firing Tray for Multiple Crowns and Large Bridges

Carry 63 Firing Tray for Crowns and Short Bridges

Scale Free Spare Pins for Carry

for fusing ceramic to crowns and bridges
in standard ceramic kilns.
Carry 77 for multiple crowns and large
bridges, Ø 77mm, incl. 5 scale free pins.
Item-no. 4600-00
US$ 19.50
Carry 63 for single crowns and short
bridges, Ø 63mm , incl. 5 scale free pins.
Item-no. 4600-10
US$ 17.00
Spare pins, 25 pieces
Item-no. 4600-15
US$ 10.00
Injection wax
Injection Wax for Wax Patterns
for the production of wax patterns.
Working temperature 75°C - 85°C.

1kg bag
Item-no. 4900-50
US$ 28.00
Refractory crucibles
Crucibles for the Cast System
for the Cast system. Long durability, suitable for
all standard dental alloys for flame melting

Cast crucible M (max. 150g gold)
Box with 5 pieces
Item-no. 6000-00
US$ 108.00
Cast crucible L (max. 250g Gold)
Box with 5 pieces
Item-no. 6000-10
US$ 128.00
Cast crucible XL (max. 450g Gold)
Box with 5 pieces
Item-no. 6000-20
US$ 148.00
Crucible, graphite
Graphite Crucible for Cast-Ti
for the Cast-Ti System. Long durability by
optimized shape. Suitable for up to 45g Tttanium.

1 piece
Item-no. 6050-10
US$ 224.00
Drop mold, graphite
Graphite Drop Mold for Cast-Ti
Two-part mold for the Cast-Ti System allows
best flow for filling the molds.

1 piece
Item-no. 6050-20
US$ 574.00
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