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Cast-Ti in action: melting of titanium with an arc while the mold is spinning
Cast-Ti is a centrifugal casting machine for the production of crowns, bridges and metal frames made of pure titanium or titanium alloys. The robust principle of operation results in a consistent and reproducible high casting quality.
Molten titanium reacts with almost all elements in the atmosphere. In order to meet the high demand for melting and casting and to avoid contamination the metal is molten in a vacuum chamber with an arc in a defined inert gas atmosphere. All relevant parameters for the entire melting and casting process can be accessed by a graphical touchscreen.

The cast parts exhibit an extraordinary uniform microstructure and can be applied for all kinds or dental restorations without any restrictions.

All accessories required for operation are supplied with the machine:
1 x melting electrode
1 x crucible support
1 x graphite crucible
1 x drop mold (graphite)
1 x metal ring, Ø49 mm
1 x mold base, round
1 x metal ring, oval
1 x mold base, oval
1 x refractory frame, 93 x 84 mm
1 x sprue former for refractory frame
Titanium metal frames
Removable partial denture made with Cast-Ti ready for further processing
with Ti-Light
Titanium telescope
Perfect fit of titanium metal frames produced with Cast-Ti by Ti-Research ready for further processing
with Cast-Ti
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