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Occupational Safety Initiative by Ti-Research
Ti-Research produces award winning, compact and safe centrifugal casting machines, designed for flame melting of metal in small workshops.

These machines are often referred to as a workhorse, being capable of casting up to 450g of 18k Gold in one run. Melting this amount of precious metal is rather work than a journey.

In order to handle this quantity in an efficient and safe manner, we provide an appropriate set of torches not only for casting but fold forming, annealing, glass work or other applications.
The torches being rated for propane / oxygen or natural gas / oxygen raise the issue of propane used as fuel gas in an urban environment.

Propane is cheap, clean and readily avalable but it is banned in some cities and highly regulated in others.

There are some important drawbacks with propane...

Propane is heavier than air and may accumulate to dangerous concentrations. This behaviour represents a hazard of concern which needs to be addressed for each and every setup.

You should search for propane in forums like Ganoksin to make up your mind, or simply contact your local fire department for advice.

This is the point where Ti-Research and G-TEC are joining forces for occupational safety.

G-TEC is known for industry standard, safe and reliable solutions for natural gas supply at elevated pressure from your standard natural gas outlet.

A G-TEC Torch Booster in your workshop eliminates stored fuel gas cylinders.

Your benefit:
- no need to replace empty cylinders
- never run out of gas
cut fuel costs by 50% and more
- CSA certified in North America
- CE compliant in Europe

For more in-depth information see:
G-TEC Natural Gas Systems web site.
For details on how to participate see:
Occupational Safety Initiative by Ti-Research
Promotion may be altered or terminated at any time without prior notice.
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