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Occupational Safety Initiative by Ti-Research
Ti-Research and G-TEC Natural Gas Systems join forces in order to raise the level of occupational safety in studios / workshops where natural gas is required for torch work.

This initiative is not for tips and hints how to work around regulations or constraints for propane, acetylene or fuel gas cylinders but to offer safe and professional solutions for the use of natural gas in urban environments.

G-TEC's product line of Torch Boosters is a perfect match for the needs of bench jewelers, dental technicians and artists of different fields allowing safe operation for tiny to huge applications.

Ti-Research supports the use of
G-TEC Torch Boosters, offering significant discounts on G-TEC Torch Boosters when purchased in a bundle with selected
Ti-Research products:

Torch handpiece, item 3120-00
eligible for 2% discount off
Torch Booster retail price.

Torch 27000 kJ/h, item 3120-10
eligible for 2% discount off
Torch Booster retail price.

Torch 38000 kJ/h, item 3120-20
eligible for 2% discount off
Torch Booster retail price.

Micro welding set, item 3120-30
eligible for 2% discount off
Torch Booster retail price.

Cast/T, item 1010-00 or
Cast, item 1020-00

eligible for 10% discount off
Torch Booster retail price.

The discounts apply to the purchase of one product each and can be combined for a total discount of up to 18% off the retail price of a G-TEC Torch Booster.
G-TEC products supported by this initiative are:

G-TEC Torch Booster TB-30
(U.S. and Canada only)

click on product image for specifications

G-TEC Torch Booster TB-60

G-TEC Torch Booster TB-125

click on product image for specifications

To take advantage of this offer, send an email to Ti-Research with the bundle of your choice and we'll follow-up with a quote promptly.
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Promotion may be altered or terminated at any time without prior notice.
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